Foldable D11

The unique electric bicycle aesthetics that Fiido endows D11 truly achieves the perfect balance between form and function.

Foldable Electric Bike D3PRO

Long-acting battery and fast charging
3 Mode Switch
250W Powerful Motor
Light body and portable travel
14inch tire size

Foldable Electric Mountain Bike

Foldable electric mountain bike, an aluminum alloy made model the comes with a OFF-ROAD tire and full suspension shock that helps you you easily traverse the jungle, sand, rocky beach and other forbidding terrains.

Electric Bike will be your new daily Transportation

Welcome to Official Fiido Electric Bike in UAE. Fiido is a high performance and powerful foldable electric bike. Foldable electric bikes combine the flexibility advantages of folding bicycles with the benefits of electric bicycles to save time and effort, and can fulfill the needs of a variety of scenarios, such as daily transportation, off-road expeditions, and long distance travel.

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