The longest lasting e-bike at Best price

Were you ever annoyed when you were planning that full-day trip and feared that your e-bike would not make it? Introducing Fiido L3, the one that endures.

Tailor-fit for various height.

Equipped with an adjustable seat-post, the L3 is a one-size-fits-all e-bike for various height between 5.0 and 6.5 feet (155 cm -200 cm). Almost anyone can achieve the best riding posture with a simple adjustment of the seat.

An unprecedented long range of use.

A 125 miles (200 km) whopping range with pedal-assist, and 80 miles (128 km) with throttle gives you complete ease of mind on trips.

Fiido iconic frame design.

With an iconic frame design, L3 remain the clean, neat and simple design style of Fiido, and it can be folded to be fitted into the trunk, or stored where you live, work or have fun.

Reliable battery with 800 charge cycles.

The Fiido L3 takes care of the battery so you do not need to. The industry-leading batteries from DMEGC can be charged and discharged up to 800 times, and can last for five years.

A powerful companion with or without the motor.

Coming in with a 350W brushless geared motor, the Fiido L3 turns climbing into a breeze and allows for a great riding experience, even when the motor is switched off.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 48V
Battery  23.2Ah / 1113.6Wh
Battery Cycle Times  800 times
Charging time  7 hours  
Range Up to 200 km (124 miles) Range (Level 1 Electric Assist Mode)
Up to 130 km (80 miles) Range (Pure Electric Mode) 
Max speed16MPH (25 km/h)
Working temperature-10°50° 
Frame material Aluminium alloy 
Color Gray
Max load120 kg (265 lbs)
Net weight24 kg (52 lbs) (with battery)  
Tire size14″*1.95″
Ebike size  1240mm(L)*580mm(W)*1040mm(H)
Folding size 680mm(L)*370mm(W)*660mm(H)
*Kindly note For the first time using L3, please ride in the pedal-assist for at least five minutes before starting to use the full throttle.

How To Assemble


All test environment was performed with flat ground, first gear assisted constant speed driving and a weight 70 kg. Range may vary based on weight load, terrain, weather, and other factors.

Our test data shows that a person weighing 75 kg can ride 200 km at an ambient temperature of 25℃. It is worth noting that the range of the e-bike is closely related to the slope, ambient temperature and the weight of the rider. However, you may rest assured that L3 is fully qualified for the 200 km range having such a high battery capacity.

Battery is one of the most significant components of L3. Having learned that the performance of the battery is the most concerned factor in choosing L3, we adopt the DMEGC Lithium battery cell that supports more cycles times to guarantee the optimal battery cycle performance.

Being a professional manufacturer of foldable electric bicycles, the maximum load capacity of FIIDO L3 can reach 120 kg.

Using the frame design of a folding bicycle, L3 is equipped with a moped mode that can realize effortless and easy riding.

In fact, the parts of L3 is particularly designed to be modular and fast detachable, therefore, it is convenient for you to purchase the accessories from our official website and replace it yourself.

Absolutely. The L3 is IP54 waterproof, however, note that the wading height cannot be higher than the hub to prevent damage to the motor when passing through the pool. Try not to clean the e-bike with a high-pressure water gun to avoid damage to the electronic components and wiring due to soaking.

The engine torque of the L3’s 350W brushless geared motor is strong enough to withstand a wide range of terrains.